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High-Quality Notion Templates at Your Fingertips. Designed to help you achieve more in less time.

Premium Notion Solutions at Your Fingertips

Capture and organize information. Plan and track your activities. Collaborate with your team. LogiSparks lets you manage and solve your problems in your own unique way.

Optimize and maximize Notion’s potential and save hours in figuring it out

Start utilizing immediately through comprehensive solution guides

Streamline operations through optimized workspaces


Unleash your full potential and Supercharge the way you work

Achieve exponential progress in elevating your Life Areas of Self, Social, and Success

Effortlessly move forward toward your goals

Work smarter to achieve excellence

Gain clarity in your next actionable steps


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Hi, we're Sev, Jen & Darius

We are the team behind LogiSparks! Sev is our Notion Consultant and the creator of Productive Compass, while Jen is our Marketing Mastermind, and Darius our Chief Adorbs.

In our compiled experience of 3 years in building Notion templates and another 8 years in digital marketing, we've crafted systems in helping multipotentialites and knowledge workers (like us!) to achieve more in less time and elevate productivity to the next level.

We are committed to building exceptional Notion solutions that offer cutting-edge operating systems, top-quality templates, and user-friendly workspaces. And we created this Productive Compass to simply work for you as your Second Brain, and for you to have a personal assistant that never forgets anything important.


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High-Quality Notion Templates at Your Fingertips

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